Wells Fargo In Adams Morgan Robbed | News

By on September 30, 2011
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Welcome to D.C., Wells Fargo!

The Wells Fargo bank on 18th and Columbia was apparently robbed this afternoon, just days after the former Wachovia branch rebranded itself with a new corporate identity.

The alleged robbery was simple—man with gun quietly demanded that a teller turn over money, took it, and exited—so simple that a bystander didn’t even know anything was amiss. City Paper staffer Jeff Boswell, who was in the building making a deposit, says he didn’t know anything had happened until the female teller rushed out from behind the counter to lock the door to the branch.

“It was silent,” Boswell said. No one was hurt, “but the teller was completely shaken.”

Potential witnesses—were asked to stay inside the locked building. The police and FBI showed up shortly afterward to take statements. Right now the branch is yellow-taped off and still surrounded by cops.