Drug Raid On VSU Campus

By on October 17, 2011
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Several Virginia law enforcement agents ran a campus wide drug sweep at Virginia State University, in Petersburg.

CBS6 was told that the VSU police brought the drug dogs to campus after they received information about drug activity.

More than 12 law enforcement vehicles were at the scene around 1 p.m. today, including the officers from the VSU, Colonial Heights, Chesterfield and Virginia State Police agencies.

We heard there were 32 pounds of weed discovered..

  • Weedhead93

    That’s a lot of weed to be smoked..

  • Elephant Elder

    This is unacceptable. This injustice against the American people has to stop. The CORRUPT POLICE HAVE TO STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Instead of using efforts to find killers and rapest they would rather user efforts to terrorize the youth of America for choosing to use a harmless plant that actually makes the smarter! Educate your self people and stand up for your rights, NOW IS THE TIME TO END THIS CORRUPTION AND FREE THE WEED. Support US House Bill 2306 to end the unjust prohibition against Cannabis. You officers should be ashamed, like Marine Shamar told the NYPD… IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU TOUGH OR HONORABLE TO ABUSE THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES. IF YOU WANT TO BE TOUGH AN HURT PEOPLE GO OVER SEAS TO THE WAR.

    IN LOVE 333

    • Sarge

      This reply is the dumbest, most uninformed post I have read in a while. Police forces are under the executive branch of government. If it is illegal, the police must deal with it, without bias. “Hey, we got a drug call in, just ignore it? Oh, okay boss.” How about we dissolve speed limit laws, since so many people have issues with traffic enforcement? That would be just ducky until you are hit by a speeding motorist. Bottom line: It is up to the judicial branch to overturn “unjust” laws and the legislative branch to dispose of laws. Government 101.

      I am pretty sure I can find substantially more verifiable research that says that THC does not make “the smarter.”

      Oh, and now English 101.

      user=use their
      your self=yourself (and a comma before people)
      the smarter=them smarter

      What about those of us (like myself) who already did three tours and continue to serve in this profession? Are we the scum of the earth for executing the duties we were sworn to do?

      • iNaeNaeB

        No your not the scrum but you are the the problem since u not apart of the solution in overturning unjust laws and defending the youth and the minorities because in reality the laws are made to keep power to those whom wants, obviously we as bla is are not protected look at the ghettos of America…. Death all the time but the police are always around. So what exactly are the police doing? What is America doing? What are you doing? Because its been this way for a very long time.