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Alexis Simpson Arrested For Stabbing Bowie State Student | News

By on September 16, 2011
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Maryland State Police have charged 19-year-old Alexis D. Simpson with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Dominique Frazier at Bowie State University on Thursday night, police say.

 Alexis Simpson Twitter: @PentHouseSweetz

Simpson is being held at the Prince George’s Detention Center without bond. She turned herself in to Prince George’s County Police at about midnight after authorities believe she left campus after the assault.

Authorities say the Frazier, 18, of Washington, D.C., was fatally stabbed Thursday around 8 p.m. in the Christa McAuliffe Residential Community on campus, the school and police say.

Bowie State, which is celebrating Homecoming this week, has canceled all Friday classes while the investigation continues. A memorial will be held for Frazier at noon.

Maryland State Police have obtained a search warrant for the on-campus suite that Frazier and Simpson shared with two other students. The suite is being processed for evidence.

Greg Shipley, spokesman for Maryland State Police, added that police do not know what the victim was stabbed with. He also addressed rumors that the suspect and victim may have been fighting over an iPod; a rumor authorities are also checking into.

At about midnight, police say Frazier’s roommate, Simpson, of District Heights, turned herself in to Prince George’s County police. She is now in Maryland State Police custody, authorities say.

A preliminary investigation revealed that Frazier and the suspect were arguing in their suite when that escalated into a physical fight. Frazier was stabbed in the neck at least once, police say.

“I heard a bunch of girls screaming, I walked out into the hallway, went to the left, and I saw this girl, she was sitting on the floor, she was (covered) in blood,” said Donovan Settles, who was visiting friends at the school. He said when he saw the girl, the left side of her body was covered in blood.

University police officers found Frazier lying in the hallway, unconscious and bleeding from the upper torso. She was taken to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead just before 9 p.m.

“This kind of senseless violence is difficult to understand,” the university said in a statement. The school says grief counselors will be on hand to be of assistance to students and staff.

No other injuries were reported. The school will hold a gathering for students in the Leonidas James Physical Education Complex at noon, and all daytime Homecoming activities have been postponed for Friday.

The dorm was placed on lockdown as police canvassed the campus. Emergency texts from campus security asked students to be vigilant, saying “if you saw someone running on the second floor you are asked to contact police.” But police have since deemed the campus safe, citing that there is “ no continued threat.”

“For a campus like this, a school, a city like this, it’s not normal at all to hear something like that happening,” said Darren Smith, a sophomore at the university.

Maryland State Police have taken over the homicide investigation, and authorities are continuing to interview witnesses. Some students who reside in the residence hall where the stabbing took place have been temporarily relocated.

Frazier’s body will be transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Dominique Frazier RIP



  • joyce

    man look none of yall new alexis mind yall damn B I i hope each and every one of yall go threw this so yall can see how it feels on the other side i mean nobody life deserves to be taken yeah but if them girls would have jumped alexis and beaten her to death then it would have been the other way around it really was an accident she was scared for her life and that girl domonique wasnt no angle check out her twitter and facebook page she was just as ignorent alexis was one of the black girls who was going somewhere and is taken by this violence and like i said i wish all of you have to go threw this with your kids then we will see how much she should be in jail.

  • NurseP

    I want to say Alexis needs to serve time for 1st degree murder. She was safe in her room, if she was being bullied, when she decided twice to come out. First a person who is bullied would not touch the bullies IPOD with an AUDIENCE. Come on, secondly she would not have left the room if she feared for her life “as her FreeAlexisS” groupies are claiming. This is not self-defense this is murder in the first degree if the prosecuters are good, if they are bad, second degree it is. Regardless 20-35 years behind bars. Do your research on roommate killings. One person received life, most receive 35 years. Dominique did not deserve to die and she is THE VICTIM of this crime not Alexis. The perp will not see freedom for a long time, I’m upset the trial will probably take a year. I’m praying it stays in this jurisdiction where it belongs. NurseP

    • Anita Thomas

      This is so true, everyone to say she was being jumped on but her actions does not support this. First I would not turn off the ipod, second when the first encounter started I would have not come back out there with the scissors intending to harm someone. If Alexis was smart she could have reported it to security about the loud music and second if you can’t get along with someone and as she said everyone was jumping on her get the hell out there because no good would come out of it and it did not. We have two black young students life that was destroyed.

    • Pjones358

      Well,NurseP, she was found not guilty on all counts. So, what do you have to say now?

  • Loud Pack



  • @rvngirl

    This is why I keep a short leash on my daughter. I know it’s hard to do once they hit high school / college. But, this is senseless.

  • @Vivalaola

    wow thats ridiculous.

  • Dawn

    This story is the one that is most sad! Its crazy that people go to these extremes over stupid stuff just to have their lives ruined or taken away. Every action has a consequence,and its ashame that people have to lose their lives or end up in jail for the rest of their lives just to learn a lesson..smh the world has to get better with this senseless violence..LIKE SERIOUSLY! AN IPOD!?? @Dawnieboo_03

  • kayla

    that is very cruell thing to do . r.i.p baby girl @kaymarie19 @kaymarie19 @kaymarie19

  • @devinjrell

    Its unfortunate man smh, life is too short to be stressin ova a ipod but my prayers are with both families God bless them both

  • cindy

    It does not matter what the argument was about, no one has the right to take someone else’s life or bring intentional physical harm to another!!! Alexis had the opportunity to stay away, she came back on an evil premeditated mission and I hope she pays for her crime!!! Stop making excuses for this type of behavior!!!! This could have been your family or personal friend! Now it should be about healing for the victims family and not the CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!

  • kenny

    Uh..Lucy. Before you go and talk this issue up, please under stand that the word is deep “seated” issues, not seed. As in issues that are seated or are present. Just trying to uplift another, so they dont sound foolish.

  • Lucy

    Reading this young ksdy’s twenties I was disturbed. The days leading up to the “attack” it is apparent that she was having issues within her personal world. Anyone that feels everyone is jealous and looking at what they wear, fellas they talk to etc has some deep seed issues that need addressing.
    I pray for all lives that have been affected.

    • Lucy

      ^ Reading this young lady’s tweets

  • Dany

    The worst part is that we don’t know what happened in that room. We don’t know why she was stabbed and we don’t know if she was doing it in self-defense. I do want to say Happy B-Day and may her soul Rest In Peace and as a black community, we need to do better. A student from my university was killed earlier this year and I am so tired of the senseless violence. I really want us to start sticking together and letting the simple sh*t go. It’s time we unify with each other and stop letting our hands, guns and knives speaking for us. I’ve been following the story since last night on Twitter and I honestly am a little disgusted at the things people say. I’m sure there were signs that something was going to happen because the girl’s mother even said she knew there was friction. I’m not on anyone’s side because it’s just like the Isayah Muller case. He was a newly graduated HS student and he was stabbed and killed and everyone was on his side. A videotape later came out that showed he was in the wrong and people were’nt talking then. I’m going to wait before I say anything negative but I will say this, black people, we have to do better.