Tabi Bonney’s Le Bon Voyage: Beneath the Clouds Exhibit

Tabi Bonney over the years has expanded his talents in various things including manufacturing his own coffee, releasing music and now Le Bon Voyage: Beneath the Clouds Exhibit. Previously at the Blind Whino now at the Constellation building on H Street, Bonney displays a collection of photography celebrating indigenous tribes of Ethiopia.

This exhibit highlights the voyage and the time that Tabi Bonney and Kelly Fogel spent capturing every day life photos of the Surma people. The Surma people consist of three ethnic groups in Ethiopia: the Suri, the Mursi and the Mekan. They are known for their elaborate body paint and impressive lip discs, a sign of beauty and status, particularly for the women. The Surma are semi-nomadic cattle herders who live on the west side of the Omo River, in the southwestern part of the country. This remote area is still underdeveloped and suffers from extreme drought.  The building of dams and the establishment of national parks offer promise, but also have the potential to further jeopardize the livelihood of the Surma. For these reasons, the Surma people are considered a “disappearing tribe.” Their culture and way of life may not survive another 10 years.

Here are the dates and times for you to check out the exhibit:

Public Viewing – September 22nd – October 21st Constellation on H Street.





Closed Monday & Friday

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