Phonation Food Truck Uses Stock Pot to Cook Food in Back Alley

**Additional Update: It has come to my attention that this article posted on our website on April 12, 2017, contains false and misleading language relating to the identity of the owners of Phonation being Ann Doan and Rachel D’Ruan.  Although we offered Phonation a chance to review the article and never heard from them we apologize for any inconvenience.**

*Update: The initial focus of this article was on Phonation’s use of a “trashcan.” The container has been identified as a stock pot.*

Washington D.C. Food Truck, Phonation, has been serving Pho dishes to the Washington D.C. area since 2012.  Phonation opened in June 2012.

In 2013, Phonation was listed by DCist as one of the 14 Best Food Trucks in D.C. In 2016, Phonation’s take on the banh mi sandwich was honored by Eater, Washington D.C., as one of several standout sandwiches in the Washington D.C. area.

Currently, on any given day, Phonation can be found selling food in locations across the D.C. area, including L’Enfant Plaza, Chinatown, Metro Center, and L & 19th Street. Each of these sites is major areas that attract hundreds of customers looking for a quick lunch every week.

In 5 years, Phonation has gained the reputation of one of the top Pho food trucks in the D.C. area.

Before 2012, the owner operated another Pho Food Truck in the D.C. area, Phonomenon.  Phonomenon was closed in August 2011 due to “internal conflicts.”  These conflicts caused the Pho dishes served by Phonomenon to be inconsistent in quality.  Check out pictures below of the same dish served by Phonomenon in 2011.

The inconsistent quality of food, mixed with internal conflicts between led Phonomenon being shut down in August 2011. One of the owners, then opened Phonation less than a year later in June 2012.

After the failure of one food truck, PhoNation has been able to avoid controversy and maintain a good reputation in the D.C. area with Phonation…until now.

DMVFollowers recently received footage of Washington D.C. Food Truck, PhoNation, cooking their signature dishes in the back alley of their restaurant on 11th St. NW.

Check out the footage below:

This footage shows owners and employees of Phonation cooking and boiling meat used in their Pho dishes inside of a stock pot (refer to update) in a back alley. The third video shows an employee cleaning the dishes used to cook and store the food in the same alley.

This stock pot contained raw meat, broth, boiling water and other items from the Pho dishes.  In the footage, you see one of the chefs dumping the raw meat with bare hands into the trashcan.  You also see that same chef using paint buckets to add liquids into the stock pot.  The entire cooking process is unsanitary and is undoubtedly in violation of several D.C. health codes.

After a bad experience with Phonomenon and a few years of success, Phonation is at the cusp of another major controversy.

DMVFollowers reached out to Phonation’s owners for a quote but received no response.

The gourmet food PhoNation customers believe they are receiving is nothing more than a menu of “Back Alley Specials.”  Phonation, undoubtedly, has some questions to answer.

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