The Great Depression Album Review

Over this past summer, Big Flock has risen to the forefront of the DMV music scene. Flock has had a strong summer by riding the wave of hits “Iggady” and “Linebacker“. Now Flock gives us a solid project that further reminds us why he is one of the best to do it out of the DMV area. The Great Depression is a 16 track project that was released on October 29th. The album deals with all the trials and tribulations Flock faces from the death of long time friend C-Diddy to the demons he faces in his own head.

The Album starts off with a track entitled “Lucifer” and there couldn’t be a better way for Flock to start off his album. The track features a hard-hitting, gloomy beat that goes hand in hand with the content of the song. A few things mentioned are how those around him say that he changed up with the notoriety he is receiving but in all actuality he is just changing for the better. Flock tells us that he has seen Lucifer in his dreams a few times. Even though he has talks with him telling him he wants nothing to do with him he keeps coming back. So much to the point where that if they ever met face the face, he’s going to off him.


A few songs later we see an appearance from 21 Savage. Back in August, Flock opened for 21 at The Howard Theatre. So its only right 21 would hop on a track. The track is entitled “Black KKK”. 21 rips the track as usual and reminds the listener that this is “murder music” not hip hop.


Not only does Flock call upon 21 for the album, he also enlists Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Atlanta rapper, on the track “Choppa On Me”. We see that Flock is still battling those demons, but tells us that the only thing he fears is Allah.


One of my favorite tracks off the album happens to be L.I.A.M., which is an acronym for Life Is A Movie. This track covers the glow up that Big Flock is experiencing. Flock reminisces his early days trapping out his mom’s spot and kicking in doors committing robberies. Now he has put that behind him and found his lane in the rap game. Flock ends the album with “Recovery”. In this outro we see the recurring theme of demons. Flock tells the listener that even though these demons still haunt him, C-Diddy is looking down on him and is continuing to send blessings his way.


The Great Depression is a solid debut release. Flock gives us insight on the battles that goes on in his head and how that has made him the rapper he is today. Big Flock has taken the DMV by storm these past couple of months, gaining cosigns from major names in the industry such as Rob Markman and Karen Civil. Unfortunately, Flock had a brush with the law prior to the release of his album. Hopefully this will not slow the momentum he has gained this past year. Be sure to check out the album below and download the project on Apple Music and Spotify. #FreeBigFlock



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