K.eYe.D. Poised & Ready for PoolsClosing and Beyond

Hailing from the crossroads of the Cosmos & 4th Dimension, K.eYe.D has been on his continuous journey of sonic evolution. Open your horizon to take in the sights K.eYe.D presents as he explores the intense depth of the consciousness, while creating the doorway to bring it to a new generation.

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Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of literary works from Nietzsche to Twain, to the songs of The Doors and Tupac, K.eYe.D first burst onto the scene as providing throwback sounds to the golden years of Hip-Hop. But just as time changes, so does the individual. Not one to be confined with fleeting trends, K.eYe.D took his time to travel to force himself into a place where the only truth he had was the truth of what he is: an introspective artist.

One can only rap for so long about the same riches that is shared by others, but very rarely will you hear someone rap about the honesty of ‘self’. K.eYe.D took it upon himself to explore the darker tones of the soul brought out by the so called evils of society, to be able to provide a fascinating narrative of the guilty warmth it can also provide.


We are not all good people; nor are we all bad people. What we are, what we exist as, is that we are human. K.eYe.D aims to provide the soundtrack for the world to listen to as they grow to accept the guilty warmth they try to shun.

His newest project, Poolsclosing embodies that philosophy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s eerie. It expresses contradictions, but it’s so good. Entirely produced by Chicago’s soulful Thelonious Martin, K.eYe.D. shows flashes of complex lyricism, cohesiveness in the overall project and of course stellar production. Standouts like, Dark Silverware (Angela) and the dark, trans-like ÜberNowhere, will immediately put you in the world of the conflicted yet talented K.eYe.D.



Stream two bonus tracks from PoolsClosing here:

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