The Jordan Year EP

The Jordan Year EP

A Interview and EP Review with J.Middlebrooks

J. Middlebrooks

I recently sat down with J. Middlebrooks to discuss his new EP “The Jordan Year”.  The 23 year-old Morehouse College graduate and business major started our interview by telling me he chose to name his EP “The Jordan Year” not only because he just turned 23, but because this year for him has been more than exciting.  After graduating, J. Middlebrooks chose to focus and follow his dreams to be a singer.

J. Middlebrooks choice to focus on his dreams to be a singer was inspiring to me and a lot of his fans that I spoke to when receiving fan questions.  Many of Middlebrooks, just like me, can feel the passion for music coming through the vibrant waves of “The Jordan Year”.

I asked him where his passion for music came from.  He stated that “at a young age his parents put him into music classes.  These classes, along “his school’s band” is when he began to fall in love with music.


As I continued to get to know J. Middlebrooks I learned that both him and I shared the same favorite song off his EP Miss Young Wild & Free. J. Middlebrooks explained that the song was inspired by his desire to create something for the ladies. He wanted to make something to make the ladies in this generation feel comfortable while having fun without feeling ashamed about going out on the weekends and partying.

As I closed out the interview I also got to learn that our friend J. Middlebrooks is single so ladies he’s all yours!

Check out one of my favorite fan questions along with the entire “The Jordan Year” EP from SoundCloud below:

@GodRemeberNelo: What was your favorite part about creating the Jordan Year EP and what kept you dedicated to building it?

Middlebrooks: What kept me dedicated to building it was that my aunt told me that “my first project was good but it wasn’t great and that it wasn’t my best work because she knew that I could be and do better.”

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