DMV TrackStars

DMV TrackStars

On Monday, Made In the DMV hosted the DMV TrackStars: Beat Competition & Show.

The sole purpose of this event was to serve as an outlet for producers and artists to showcase their talents. The event took place at The Blind Whino which was located in Southwest DC. Even though stormy conditions may have deterred some, those who made it out supplied nothing but good energy and great vibes which the artists fed off of during their performances.

blind whino

The event was spilt into two competitions, producers & artists, who were judged by a panel which included Rob Markman, Erin Simon, Kokayi, and Quinelle Holder.


The beat competition had a unique feel to it. Instead of all the producers going one by one, producers went head to head until one finally emerged on top. And the producer happened emerge on top was Chaos. Chaos was definitely one of a kind due to his  showmanship that captivate the crowd. Chaos made the most of his time on the stage giving him the edge over other producers in the judges eyes.


In between the two competitions, Made in the DMV surprised us with a performance from Malik the DOPE Drummer. If you don’t know the name, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen his video go viral on all social media outlets.

Now it was time for the artists, which featured a lot of dope performances. From the young bulls of the showcase the LoonyGoonz to a familiar face in Big Flock. But the artist that took home the crown was NKO X Tha Light who had a dope performance that captivated the crowd. Another thing that I thought was dope about this artist was his style. not to many people can pull off the hat he wore but he did it successfully.


A special shoutout to Made in the DMV for giving artists and producers a platform to put their talents on display. Also shoutout to The Blind Whino for supplying the venue. This was definitely a dope  event that gave exposure to those trying to break into the music industry.

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