Music Review: Young Jefe 2 by Shy Glizzy

Music Review: Young Jefe 2 by Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy returns with the second installment of his Young Jefe series…

Shy Glizzy

The DC native has been grinding these past few years and his hard work is definitely paying off. You can see his transition from a local DC Artist to his work being recognized nationwide. So much so, Beyoncé even included a snippet of his song “So Awwsome” in one of her performances.

With his Young Jefe 2 project, we see a more polished and mature Shy Glizzy. It’s definitely not the same rapper from “3Milli”.

Shy Glizzy shows us he has matured through his beat selection and the content of his raps.  The first visuals from the project for “Rounds” is a perfect example of this new, mature Glizzy.

Throughout this project, we see a more laid back selection of beats from Shy Glizzy. Glizzy enlisted help from Zaytoven, Trauma Tone, Lee Major and much more. The project starts off with a lot of subtle trap beats which is the opposite of the previous Young Jefe project which started out with louder, more in your face type beats. One similarity with a lot of the songs is that even when the beat drops, the song remains subtle. Even though these beats hit hard, with the more subtle beats it lets your content be the focal point.

Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy’s maturation in content is on full display throughout the project. One thing that stood out to me was in “New Crack” when Shy told us, “I’m the type of quarterback don’t listen to the coach.” Many feel that Glizzy is telling us that when it comes to his career moves he’s calling the shots even if those shots don’t fit the mold that most rappers follow. Also, the call from C-Murda was a bright spot on the project. To have legend in the game drop knowledge on how people talk a good talk but when it’s time to cash the check their mouth wrote they fall short. A phone call like that will change your perspective on how you view people.

Lastly, the message in the song “Waiting on My Time” is dope. Shy recognizes that he has made progress in his rap career, but he still isn’t satisfied. He’s sees his career going further than where it is now and is patiently waiting for his career to go to the next level. All in All, I was very impressed with Young Jefe 2.  After following Shy Glizzy from the beginning of his career to now you can definitely see that he is really starting to glo up on us and it’s really only a matter of time before it’s his time.

Check out Glizzy’s full mixtape below and click here for the link to download…



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