9 Year-Old Lunella Lafayette is the Smartest Hero in Marvel Universe

This past Sunday, Marvel revealed at Comic Con in San Diego that the smartest hero in the universe is no longer Reed Richards, but 9 year-old Lunella Lafayette from Manhattan, New York.

Lunella will be apart of the Devil Dinosaur series reboot, replacing Moon Boy & the prehistoric setting with a more modern Downtown NYC. Lunella is a super genius and carrier of the Inhuman gene.

Moon girl 1

Senior Editor at Marvel Mark Paniccia recently spoke with Buzzfeed confirming the series will return in October:

“There’s always been a healthy debate about which super-genius is the smartest. Is it Tony Stark? Reed Richards? Victor Von Doom? Hank Pym? Amadeus Cho? The answer is gonna shock the Marvel Universe when it’s revealed to be 9-year-old Inhuman Lunella Lafayette,” said Paniccia.

“In the third arc of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Lunella faces an impossible half-dozen science-challenges that might not only prove her smarts, but also save the world. It’s also going to guest star some of Marvel’s biggest names, too. Hulk, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, The Thing and more.”

Moon Girl 2

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