Album Review: Gold LP by Merlin Miles

Album Review: Gold LP by Merlin Miles

After taking a year and a half hiatus, Merlin Miles is back…


After taking a year and a half hiatus, Merlin Miles is back and ready to reclaim his spot as King of his State. The PG County native released his latest project “Gold LP” back on April 19 of this year. Being that this is his fourth project, you can definitely see the growth and maturation since the release of his first project “ Random Aggression”. The 11 track project starts off with the title track where Merlin takes the time to talk about the struggles that he faced during his time away from rap and how he had to step away from music to get things in order so that he can put his all into it. This is one of the more personal tracks on this project because you can tell that every word is coming straight from the heart.

Not only do we see Merlin’s passion throughout the album but he also shows us his versatility. In the song “Money All Day“, we get a song that’s dedicated to the ladies. The song starts off with the same passionate rap flow as the others then half way through Merlin switches it up by slowing it up and singing. This was a pleasant surprise to see a rapper successfully do both. Another focal point in this project is the song “Jillian Townes”. This was another personal track from Merlin since Jillian Townes is his sister. Jillian Townes suffers from an illness that leaves her paralyzed. Seeing her fight the illness on a daily basis is what keeps him going and motivates him to be the greatest rapper he can be.


Lastly, this project ends with a banger in “Story Time”. The beat on this one is definitely the best one on the project and Merlin’s passion fits in perfectly with it. All in all, this was a solid project from start to finish. The production was top notch and the lyrical content was right there with it. Be on the lookout for Merlin Miles as he has a few performances slated for the coming months and a new project dropping this winter.




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