Diggin Thru The Crates

Diggin’ Thru the Crates – Ivy City D.C.

Connecting Cool’s flagship series event, Diggin’ Thru the Crates stopped past D.C.’s Ivy City corridor in thriving fashion as DJ Alizay showed why he’s one of D.C.’s most sought after DJ’s.

DTTC is an exhibition of hip hop culture at its finest with a slew of media memorabilia from the 90’s & early 2000’s preserved in high fashion, cassettes & tape decks, and topped off with a hip hop lovers dream of a collection of vinyl of all sort.

From Prince to Future’s DS2, DJ Alizay creates a live mix as attendees went old school and dug thru’ crates of records for him to spin. Check out our recap below:

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