Daycare Now Costs More than College in Maryland

Daycare Now Costs More than College in Maryland

Maryland is now the 5th Most Expensive State for Daycare; Less than 30 Percent of Families able to afford Daycare

Source: The Patch

An article from, covered an Economic Policy Institute report that reported Maryland to be one of 33 states where daycare costs more than college.  The report stated that the average cost per year for daycare in Maryland is $13,932 ($1,161 per month). compared these costs to the cost for college tuition in Maryland.  Daycare costs about $5,612 (67.5%) more than the cost of an in-state four year college.

According to the Economic Policy Institute report, families with one child are spending an average of 16 percent of its annual income in Maryland.  The standard for affordable day care, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is 10 percent of the family’s annual income.  According to this definition, only about 27 percent of Maryland families can afford infant care.


Check out some other statistics and findings from the Economic Policy Institute report and…

  • A minimum-wage worker in Maryland would need to work full time for 42 weeks, or from January to October, just to pay for one child’s daycare
  • Nationally, child care workers’ families are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as other workers’ families (14.7% compared with 6.7%).
  • A typical child care worker in Maryland would have to spend 68 percent of their earnings to put their own child in infant care….                                                                                                                                                   Source:

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