Norfolk, VA Police Have Shot and Killed More People Than Any Other Police Agency in VA since 2016

Norfolk, VA Police Have Shot and Killed More People Than Any Other Police Agency in Virginia over the Last 6 Years

Third Highest City on List of Fatal Shootings by Police in 2016

Norfolk, VA
Source: Virginia Pilot 

Last weekend, Erick Wakup became the 12th person shot and killed by Norfolk police in the last 6 years.  This number is twice as large as any police agency in Virginia.  Houston and Los Angeles are the only cities with more fatal shootings in 2016 than in Norfolk.

According to The Virginia Pilot, race may be factor because a disproportionate number of those shot, are black.  Some say officers need to be better trained while others say that Norfolk is so small that conclusions for why this is happening cannot be made.

Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA Mayor Paul Fraim

“The city’s police department has worked hard in recent years to review its practices and procedures and to improve its relationships in the community.”  – Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim (The Virginia Pilot)

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and Norfolk police Chief Michael Goldsmith have responded to the controversial increase in fatal shootings by expressing their commitment to addressing this problem; however, community leaders such as the Revered Anthony Paige, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lamberts Point, believe the Mayor and police chief are not doing enough.

“We have a problem.  And it’s going to be an escalating problem unless we try a new strategy.  I think the police department has attempted to address this problem, but a part of that has been window dressing.” – Rev. Anthony Paige (The Virginia Pilot)

Norfolk, VA

Hopefully the local government and community leaders can come together soon to find a long-lasting solution.


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