DC Protests Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

DC Protests Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

Washington D.C. – Protesters Gather Outside of Mayflower Hotel as Donald Trump Delivers Foreign Policy Speech

DC Trump Protests

Yesterday, Protesters were outside of the Mayflower Hotel as Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Mayflower Hotel focused on foreign policy.



According to the New York Times, the event was a small crowd of personally invited journalists. This small crowd was definitely a major shift from the usual large audiences that Trump has been known to attract and welcome.

Mayflower Hotel

Either way, a dedicated group of protesters stood outside of the Mayflower Hotel. According to witnesses of the protest, protesters were chanting “Donald Trump Go Away!” and had signs with statements such as “TRUMP=NAZI” “KEEP TRUMP AWAY FROM THE NUKES” AND “TRUMP IS DANGEROUS”.

The protests were seemingly short-lived and remained peaceful.  Shoutout to the dedicated people who went out and made their voices heard.

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