The Magic The Redskins Worked to Land Josh Norman

The usually conservative Redskins GM Scot McCloughan took only 10 minutes to make the call for one of the NFL’s top corners Josh Norman and sign him to a 5-year $75M deal.

“He brings a sort of chemistry & culture that I’m looking for and we’re looking for.” Scot says.

Norman excels in the same zone scheme as the Redskins use, which is good. But the Redskins have had bad luck in the past signing players for large contracts and receiving little results, (don’t make me bring up the Haynesworth, Bruce Smith & Deion Sanders deals) but this go-around seems different with McCloughan in the fold.

The 5-year deal could be a two-year deal with the option the Skins have to part ways, but would be costly.

josh norman

Norman raised a lot of questions when word got out about his agent reaching back out to the Panthers in hopes of a one-year deal but Panthers GM declined and said the team was ready to move on.

But Norman said after meeting with the Redskins he started setting personal goals.

“I said I’m going to bring something magnificent here, bring everything I’ve got and give it to these guys,” he said. “The fan base is so strong and they’re looking for a championship here. And that’s all I’m going to bring them, man, 110 percent, full-out effort.”

Josh Norman skins

The 28 year-old All-Pro also stated on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning it was his family that had a major part in his decision as well saying, “I asked my family who could see us being here and everyone raised their hand so that was enough for me & made sense for me.”

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