Co-Founders of Ben & Jerry’s, Rosario Dawson and Hundreds of Others Arrested on Capitol Hill

Co-Founders of Ben & Jerry’s, Rosario Dawson and Hundreds of Others Arrested on Capitol Hill Last Week

Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream brand, actress and activist Rosario Dawson and hundreds of others were arrested this past week during protests on Capitol Hill.

Ben &Jerry Founders

The protests were apart of the Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening campaign. This campaign is focusing on the many issues surrounding money and politics with a specific focus on campaign finance reform.

Rosario Dawson was arrested during Friday’s protests and the Ben and Jerry’s co-founders were arrested during Monday’s protests.

“I wanted personally to be in solidarity with the other folks who put themselves on the line and really just to bring attention to this because I think that’s just vitally important,” Dawson said, according to the Guardian.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield created a post on their website that included the following statement:

“With corporations and billionaires pouring unlimited, unchecked dollars into politicians’ pockets and new voter restrictions popping up across the country, this is no longer a government of the people and for the people; this is a government of the rich, and for the rich,” the post read. “Feel cheated? So do we.”

Democracy Spring Protests

Police say that more than 1200 people have been arrested since the protests started.

Democracy Spring Protests
Democracy Spring Protestors Gather on The US Capitol

Rosario Dawson summarized her mission during the protests as such

“We’re putting ourselves on the line for what a lot of people across America and I think across the planet really want to be able to see happen in America, which is one person, one vote, and to really take the money out of politics so that we can have fair elections where … we can have true options for our leadership, which we have not been able to see.”

Kai N and Rosario D
Kai Newkirk and Rosario Dawson at the Democracy Spring Protests


Kai Newkirk, the campaign director of Democracy Spring, was also arrested during the protests.  Newkirk commented while getting arrested “We’re not free until we get our democracy back.”

When asked about the impact of the protests, Newkirk stated:

“It’s historic in terms of the number of people arrested here, sending a message that the American people are fed up with this corruption and inequality in our democracy and we’re demanding that Congress do something to end it now. And if they don’t, we’re going to continue to come back and send a message that those who defend this corrupt status quo will pay a political price. The American people are not going to accept this any more.

“The vast majority of the American people agree with us across the political spectrum. We’re bringing their voice here into the Capitol and Congress is refusing to listen and instead of that is sending people to jail day after day. That’s a scandal, that’s an outrage, and it’s a story that needs to be told.”

The Democracy Spring Campaign has certainly created controversy that cannot be ignored.  Check out some more content from the protests and for more information on the campaign and how to get involved click here to access the official campaign website.


— Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules) April 11, 2016


Capitol Lockdown
US Capitol Locked Down by Democracy Spring Protestors


Democracy Spring Protests

Check out the hashtag #DemocracySpring or #DemocracyAwaken for more!

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