Metro Madness 16: Underground DC Hip Hop Tournament

It’s a Thursday night, 2 AM, and I’m on U St in the back of Club Liv, watching the DC underground Hip Hop scene thrive at one of the last events ever at this historical venue.

After a night of intense and competitive live performances from talent such as Lil Tay, Ducci Lo, M.I.L.F, Culture, Eazyman,  Louie Black, The DroBoiz, and Dirty Cash,  the finalists – Box Boy ENT and Eyedeal Bayano – battled for the win.


Security was hovering, anxious to meet the deadline to shut the event down and push everyone out.

With only about 30 people still left in the audience, Lamine N’dour, the co-creator of Metro Madness, held it down and refused to let the competition end.

Box Boy ENT waiting for the championship round—Image Courtesy of @_MsKatt

Eyedeal Bayano dropped what seemed to be his fifth banger of the night while Murrrland and Box Boy ENT ran out of time preparing to play a new song.  Box Boy ENT played their new hit song “WaWa”, for about the third time and lost the championship round to Eyedeal Bayano.


Bayano shined throughout the night with a different sound that allowed him to truly stick out from the rest of the competition.  With a 15 track EP out entitled “No Longer Boxed In”, it sounds like Bayano could have kept cranking all night.

Last night was a ton of fun #metromadness16 #MIRA s/o @josizzles on the footage

A video posted by Eyedeal Bayano (@eyedeal_bayano) on

The diversity of talent from the DC Metro area, in one place at one time, mixed with the intensity of competition was the essence of an underground hip hop.   What I loved about this event the most is something that the host Ms. Kat kept repeating throughout the night: Nothing but the music mattered.

Shoutout to the judges: Julian K. @JRK316 , Mayo @majormayo, Judah @Judahonthebeats, and Talley @TalleyisMajor


Another Shoutout to the creators and facilitators of this event, Lamine N’Dour (@MLK2Madison) and PatisDope (@PatisDOPE). Metro Madness was the epitome of what the DC Metro needs more of: an outlet for underground Hip Hop.  Stay tuned for more dope events like this from these two social engineers.

Check out some video from some of the other standouts at #MetroMadness16 contestants.

A video posted by Ducci Lo🙏🏽 (@duccilopwg) on

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