New Black Businesses: The Museum DC Grand Opening

The Museum DC had its grand opening last night with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a #SneakerBall event.


The opening was attended by at least 75 people including local politicians Kenyan McDuffie and Trayon White.

Both McDuffie and White offered remarks during the opening and were each paid gratitude for playing an essential role in helping facilitate The Museum’s opening.  McDuffie personally pledged to be there every step of the way.

Having been friends for years, White expressed an appreciation for the owners of the store, their presence in our (the millennial) generation, and an excitement to see where his friends would be in the next ten years.

Here’s a brief explanation by co-owner Greg Harrison of the Museum DC

The Museum is a premium boutique that caters to enthusiasts who use fashion and art as sources of inspiration. Our boutique is designed as an art gallery which allows the curation of popular culture through elegance and design.

The Museum retail experience offers apparel, footwear, collectible goods and artwork from the most coveted brands and artists around the world. We epitomize quality and exclusivity through a vision of excellence and distinction.”

The Museum is located at 2014 Rhode Island Ave NE and is owned and operated by Greg Harrison and Raquel Richardson.  For more information, check out The Museum on social media: @themuseumdc

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