9 AM w/ Merimart

Merimar Repesa, aka Merimart.
Age: 19
Based: P.G. County, Maryland
Conceptual Artist
Time of Interview: 9:37 a.m.
What does your morning routine consist of? 
“My morning routine consists of waking up, having my cup of coffee, doing yoga for 20 minutes, showering, eating a plate of cheese eggs and turkey bacon w/ fruit and 1 liter of water then start my day.”
  Your work touches on various social issues, people and topics, is it in a way your stance on those issues or do you just let your work speak for itself?
“It is most definitely my stance on those issues, but my opinion is not what I’m trying to highlight in my work. It’s more so focused on what the truth is and how my audience reacts to that. Silently asking the question, “This is what is actually happening right now in the world, what do you think?”
You incorporate the DMV culture in some form on most of your work, is that priority in your creative process or simply a consistent ode?
“It’s an absolute priority. I’m always going to be proud of where I grew up and it’s always going to be reflected in my work, especially now since most of my audience is from the DMV.”
 The underground D.C. scene is something you’ve contributed to greatly with your artwork for various musicians and hosting your own exhibits, can you speak a bit about that and some of your favorite artist from the area.
“I’ve been involved with the underground scene for over a year now. The scene is dirty, gritty and sweaty. You see the same faces plus more at every show you go to. People recycle the same venues and coming to each others shows becomes a necessity. You’ll never really be disappointed with the set list of performers and visual artists. The amount of support that goes around in this area is ridiculous. Like, that’s my mans. Why would I not go? You slide $5 to come to my show and I slide $5 to come to yours.
My favorite artist from here is definitely Apt 50. I’ve gone to 2 exhibits of his and hung my work side-by-side with him last summer. He’s honestly someone I personally admire. From abstract paintings with the most intricate stories behind them to slanging hats with a background you want to be a part of, he’s truly an up-and-comer who will make it big one day.”
What is it that you wish to accomplish by being an artist?
“The first thing would be is possibly make a living off of being an artist. Maybe buy my parents a house. I for sure want to change the way people think. I want to get into philanthropy work further in my career. I want to design for Y-3. Donda, call me. The list goes on. “
Of all your work, is there one piece in particular that pushed you farther or challenged you the most?
“The Donald Trump one for sure. 5 hours of frustration into it, I told myself if this doesn’t blow up, I’m hanging up my smock and throwing my brushes in the trash. Next thing you know, it blows up. From that day on, I welcomed any challenge with open arms.”
 What are the most important lessons you’ve learned being in the position you are?
“Fucking up is ok. Research+Planning+Execution for anything takes time. Leave procrastination at the door wherever you go. Take every opportunity you get. Be nice to everyone. Never, ever place yourself in a box. Don’t spread yourself too thin–be really great at one thing, then become great at another.”
 What’s your advice for an up and coming artists?
“Money is a great incentive, but make sure that’s not the only reason you’re doing this. Love your craft regardless of the pay.”
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