Social Impact of the Week: Good Brothers Solutions Inc.

Providing solutions for returning citizens and at-risk youth 

Youth development since 2012; Workforce Development since 2014

Mock Interviews Completed: 12 – over 50 students

Resumes Completed: Over 150

Career Assessments: Over 200

Personality Assessments: Over 50

Learning Style Inventories: Over 50

Good Brothers Solutions is a job training program focused on rehabilitation and readiness.  Opportunities for advancement are the key three words at the foundation of GBS.  At GBS, good brothers are exposed to instruction, assessments, evaluations in order to acquire, develop and master skills.

We are noted for our innovative, experiential-based program designs that produce behavioral change, application of newly acquired skills, educational gains, independent living, financial stability, and job placement.  GBS programs have adjustable outcomes based on customer expectations and are able to deliver entire services on-site if needed.

By studying recognized leaders in education and skills  training, GBS has developed and delivered training programs that address academic, life, and job readiness skills for at-risk youths and returning citizens.  These programs are designed to help this audience overcome economic, social, and educational obstacles in the way of employment opportunities.

GBW has been consistently in the community for the last five years attempting to understand up to date needs in order to create up to date ways to address these needs.  We understand that people learn from experience not just reading or listening.  We understand that young people and adults need to consistently be exposed to skills and knowledge to help them obtain and maintain employment.  We are dedicated and passionate about supporting the community through these GBS programs.  Our goal is to help each of our members reach their highest potential.   GBS is an organization that provides programs that are ready to install within a week’s notice; we are turnkey ready.

In short, we are good brothers training good brothers.

The results for our members are always the same: lasting academic, career, and life improvements and opportunities.

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